The People 's Choice Newsletter

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The Groovy Show-1969- featuring a very young Chris Darrow

Top Ten Spins of Winter 2004-2005

Dorian Taj

Lyrical Line- Advice for the aspiring songwriter

Artist of the Month

Lisa Dewey and the Lotus Life

Achtung - Online Buzzsaw & the Shavings release

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The Oddball Auditorium Archive

Stephen Deroski - 12 songs/ 20 Years

Songwriters Guild of America

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SOMEDAY COMING DOWN - A deviant twang sampler

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Wicked Swank

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HorNetZ Review (who let these guys out ?)

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The Church of SubGenius

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How to dress EMO 2.0

April Winchell Mutimedia

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Anti-porn Hillbilly Music

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The Kassettes Interview

Acoustic Gear Picks ( featuring P. Brayer, Shawn Colvin, John Fahey, etc.)

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Kathleen Doherty Multimedia

Bad Mags

Raggae Links

The Folk Music Center


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Clara Rockmore

Riverside Arts Council

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High Sierra Music Fest

Get Underground

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Chakhills Archive

Arts Education Resources

The Onion

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Digress Online Magazine

Homestar Runner

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A Dean Cornwell Suprise

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Pat Cloud's Practice Advice

Che Zuro

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Heyday Records

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These folks are all class :

The Velvet Hammer Burlesque

Aim Records

Redlands Fox Theater Article

What's happened to the Fox Theatre

The Armonica

12 reasons why your band isn't cool







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' Nobody nobody nobody

never nowhere ever

got anywhere

Perhaps I?

such an idiot

in the end am not '

-Egon Bondy

    (trans. by Marek Tomin)