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 So as usual I’m keeping my ear to the Indie show railroad tracks when

I receive a letter via email from Tina Bold. Check out the Kassettes was

the word, so I did. I get on their website and listen to a tune. It’s good.

So good I make it a point to catch one of their gigs happening at the

Riverside Performance Arts Center. I’ve got my camera and a mind to

do an interview. Two older gentlemen come in with equipment and I decide

to ask who they are (they may be vets on the scene…)


” We’re the Dads of the Kassettes…”

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 Shock sets in.


About two minutes later three teenagers walk up to me…” We’re the

Kassettes. “ This is the part where my jaw hits the floor and where the story will start.


   I had no idea the Kassettes were in 10th grade. I thought they were

another all girl college group. First thing that comes to my mind…

“Can I met your parents? “ Enter Lloyd, John, and Mike.

Dads extrodinare, keeping an eye on their girls, loading and watching the equipment.

I must admit I got a little choked up. Parents actively

supporting their daughters interest in music, and being safe about it.

So after introducing myself and making it a point to ask permission to

do an interview and photo shoot, I got to understand these girls a bit better.

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 ISA- Can you guys tell me how you met?


Kassettes- We met in 8th grade. Lauren had a dream about being in a band,

And a vicious rumor began to start. So we got instruments and started the band for real.


ISA- Were there any other band names or incarnations prior to deciding on the Kassettes?

Kassettes- Yea, we had a couple of other names. We thought about calling

ourselves the Anti-Blondes, and the Flips. We settled for the                 

Kassettes…(something to do with a sign in a window I think)   


ISA- Your tunes are a little more mature and the lyrics a tad more honest than

most folks your age. What are some of your influences?


Kassettes- We’ve had some support from some independent bands like

Maroon 5 and Kings of Leon. Great bands, but we listen to a lot of different

music, like the Strokes, the Cure, the Beatles, even Carly Simon to 2-Pac.

Lauren writes our lyrics.


ISA- (note: These girls are not stuck in a box. Must get them into studying

recording technique and three-piece production. ) Now, your CD and MP3’s

have a really phat sound. Where did y’all record this demo and who produced it?


Kassettes- Love Juice Labs (www.lovejuicelabs.com) in Riverside. It cost

about $250 for three songs, a real cool place.


 ISA- So how did Tina Bold and 88.3KUCR get a hold of your tunes?


Kassettes- We had given KUCR a copy of our CD. We called Tina up

one night and requested our tunes. She actually played it!


ISA- Feels good, don’t it? So what is the scene like for you around here?


Kassettes- What scene? It’s a running joke we’re on the coffee shop tour.

                                                                                        We really would like to hit the LA scene.                                                                                       


                                    ISA- This is where I get preachy about being in no rush for such things.                                

  It was a long bit… What is your look on this music thang? You’re in

10th grade, what do you see in the future?


Kassettes- Music- we just love to do it. Going out and making music,

that’s the best thing about it. There are not too many solid girl bands

Out there. We want to keep doing this as long as possible…


ISA- What is your philosophy on music? I mean, what would you tell

other girls your age or younger about it? What does music do for you?


Kassettes- Music takes us to a whole other level. It helps us discover things.

What more can we say…?

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( Here I must state to any person on the scene who wants to help, be sure to

only keep contact through the parents if the kids are underage. Don’t jerk around. )

Just a foot note:

I also caught these girls on the Vinyl Hours on Feb 2nd.

Hearing those girls play live only goes to show the raw talent they possess.

I had my first radio show ever in that studio thanks to Pat Brayer.

Luckily, KUCR 88.3 has a DJ that can fill some shoes for the up and coming talent.