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I have to say that I found this CD in a .99 cent bin ( yes , I shop in those bins ) .

I came across it at Rhino Records while on my annual cheapy CD and 7" hunt this month .

Quite a find . The first notes and intro espouses well thought production and versatility . The EP offers 4 separate mixes of " Baby 's gone " , and that in itself shows the adaptability of the material and production . All the tonality rings with well versed and experienced musicians . The choice of notes and airy vocals give it something of and underground like pop -edge . Liza Jane I 'm trying to contact at the moment to get a better understanding of her musical background and that of the group itself . The use of the viola and omnichord are outstanding , completing a unique edge to the sound .

If there is one thing that I can rave about , it has to be the song " Bottlecap Wine " . The only other song on the EP itself , it is the high point of the disc . If they could release an album based around that tone and angle , with the same consistency of the songwriting on this disc , it would be one for the record books . The phrasing and chord structure and with the harmonies involved , just sends satisfaction down my spine . It has been some time since I 've heard an unknown group that moved me like this . It is a crying shame there are only two songs one the EP , the others being variations of " Baby 's gone " .

That just means I 'll run the damn thing in the ground that much quicker .

When I grabbed this CD I also bought the Spells ' Age of Backwards EP ' and the Softies ' It is love ' LP ( both K record releases ) . I would rate this CD up there with those other two , even though the Spells offer four tunes and the Softies a whole LP .

It 's worth giving a spin , and I recommend obtaining a full album of these ladies if it 's possible .

Released off of Reclusive Records out of New York .

for contact info :

Reclusive Records

48 8th Avenue #348

NY , NY 10014

or e -mail





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