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Ballads for liquor salesmen EP

Album insert :

when an artist thinks, he thinks about the strategic placement of the silence and how the dissonance of his thought makes a harmonic of the
stillness.  iggy henderson has taken our philosophy into another generation. 

the lessons i had learned from my mentor and compatriot
/ invisible chris darrow / i have tried to instill in a young henderson. though i see the word "hinder" and the word "son" in his name i still
worked to compliment david bowie with the cheerokee slide guitar of jenks "tex" carmen, and side track syd barrett with my avante garde
collection of "the homosexual country music of borderland texas (circa 1954)".  

it has always been my belief that you don't make talent, you just get out of the way of it. 

during these recordings we drank six kinds of beer and ate twelve kinds of sushi and on brakes binoculared
the post office in the 103 degree heat. 

listening to these recordings now i can hear the endless smoking of shag monkey hair
tobacco and the cleansing of our palates on watching the first 20 minutes of "the days of wine and roses" over and over again.  i think
the most important thing, besides the images themselves is the since of ritual that comes from the concourse of a heart, that upon the
giver no one can bestow.  though this work is brand new i am already seeing it in the anthology of the inland empirical future in which
they will celebrate the impoverished wolf-tone cries of the invisibles.

                                                         patrick brayer
                                                          the tamales
desert 2000


I finally got your CD and am listening and enjoying.
I also like your taste in "older" women - Theda was always a special lass to me. A looker!

so I like  songs 2 and 4 best .

Jackass Ears has a thankfully sauve'-less Bryan Ferry vibe to the vocal, and walks the tightrope between anger and remorse. it drives well, and my only
complaint is I would like more vocals, as in more upfront, and maybe some harmony. More of a good thing kind of wish here.
Soft Parade again grabs me because of the vocals, tune, and its leaning toward wistfulness, with some romanticism. I can take romanticism all day
long if it is truly heartfelt, and I feel you are from the heart here, and then some.

Hugh Hues of Reclusive Records


I really liked the CD, Jeannie in a Bottle, and The Soft Parade particularly, good lyrics (which is a rarity these days).

James Littlewood ( editor of Charm magazine , UK )


Got to listen to your Ballads CD.  Nice work!   Its so short, I was expecting more songs (I guess you like to keep 'em wanting more!!)

Maria Baglien ( Producer / Engineer of Lo-Fi Studios , Redlands , CA )


I like the CD a lot...really liked 'Jeannie in a Bottle'...twas was amused by 'Driving Nails in my Coffin'...i'm not sure if he really liked
it but he said he never heard you sing like that before heh...

Rosie Neuharth ( aspiring Redlands poet and musician )


What is your last name ? We wanna buy the CD , but we need to know how ( Vegetable Man ! )

And what is the name of one of your songs ? Jennifer cried during it . ___ Parade . Is it Soft Parade ? If you could tell me the name , I would be so happy .

We are all very excited to keep in touch with you ! Nicki says " You are another idol . You just passed up Britney Spears " .

Katie : You are kidding , right Nicki ?

Nicki : Of course ! She never was my idol !

Where can we get your CD !!??

Nicki , Katie , Ali , & Traci ( my former visiting students )


No more bad hair days EP

Who is The Waiting Man? A musician. A man. A Waiting Man. A man unconcerned
with the vagaries of human consumption. A man who wants you to have his

The Waiting Man has a brand new CD-EP out, on the Drunken Circus Music
label, called No More Bad Hair Days. He covers Syd Barrett's Vegetable Man
on this effort.

The five song EP is a nice marriage of jangley pop with freakout collages.
It's pop music for alien step children & little bastards who need a trip to
the woodshed. The effective marriage of pop, strange lyrics, and freakout
bits is reminiscent of our favorite Madcap. Maybe that's why he covers
Vegetable Man. Now if he would only cover Two Headed Dog by Roky!

Contact The Waiting Man today and ask about No More Bad Hair Days. Tell him
you saw it on eGroups!

The Waiting Man is tired of waiting to hear from you!

Kiloh Smith ( syd barrett site from eGroups )


Someday Coming Down- a deviant twang sampler

While the grand traditions of American music, be they country, swing, blues or honky tonk, have never been strangers to the realms of punk or independent rock, there has certainly been an upswell of bands who have reversed the influence, bringing their independent ethos and appoach to the traditional music of yore. While one might call it a “movement,” the most interesting and compelling bands today share little more than a love for traditional American music while retaining a foot in the punk rock grit of their youth. To this end, Warning Sign records has spent the past year finding some of the most engaging performers to fit this bill for our compilation, "Someday Coming Down: a Deviant Twang Sampler."

The compilation is available at Streetlight Records in downtown Santa Cruz or at shows by the respective bands on the comp.

"One of the most important compilation albums for the young local scene in years...'Someday Coming Down: A Deviant Twang Sampler' showcases an incredibly diverse range of traditional country music, tattered, torn and filtered through contemporary music ideas." - Mike Connor, Metro Santa Cruz


Buzzsaw and the Shavings- Expecting Buzzy

a nearly pornographic romp of word jazz, and conception. hear the joys and
horrors of a new project being birthed. backing sounds from "the tangled minds" throws this cassette straight down
and out of the canal.

clear blue skies omit heat rays that boil buzzys blood. the newest release sees even more spoken word choas. short tale of conseption. "EXPECTING BUZZY" is a somewhat pornagraphic romp in the life of tape deck and cassette - sexual revolution. strange backing sounds from THE TANGLED MINDS really throws it all together. be not afraid. proceed!!! - Unread Records


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