" Who is The Waiting Man? A musician. A man ...unconcerned with the vagaries of human consumption.

A man who wants you to have his music. "

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After 16 years of being affiliated in the local Inland Empire music scene as a songwriter and producer working with numerous bands and archiving projects , this 32 year old is still treading the Avant -Garde halos which surround and make his tonal garden .

From his humble beginnings at the Fleur -de -Lis café to his first break on the Patrick Brayer Radio Archives , his music and talents have led him from the enclaves of Southern California to the dank dens of Scotland .

The acoustic /electric sound is a mainstay for this eclectic musician .

And that Sound is...? Simply put :

"...a nice marriage of jangley pop with freakout collages.
It's pop music for alien step children & little bastards who need a trip to
the woodshed. The effective marriage of pop, strange lyrics, and freakout
bits is reminiscent of our favorite Madcap "   
-Kiloh Smith

" You ‘ve got to be happy with what you have and strive to surround yourself with people you can learn from . " This is the gospel of the waiting man . That philosophy has led to his work with such projects as Patrick Brayer , the Bad Hair Day , the Beauty Recognizers , Southern State Tapestries ,the Tangled Minds, Buzzsaw and the Shavings, and no , like this ... , giving a grand total of 17 CDs to his credit over the past few years .

" Making material available through the chi-chi foundation to be heard or seen is extremely important right now, " adds Iggy , " but most of all I wish to express myself with a higher degree of respect for my craft . The lessons that I ‘ve learned from my mentor will hopefully come naturally in time . I enjoy the concept of performing ceremonies as opposed to playing for people who really just don ‘t understand . "

After the making of two new CD's under the title " Ballads for liquor salesmen " and " no more bad hair days " , they were received with open local and European arms , thanks to the help of such local musicians as Patrick Brayer , guitarist Jill Martinson , and drummer Chad Villarreal .These EP 's incorporated new material and a fusion of country , blues , rock , and jazz . Here is a quote from the ballads insert which was recorded with Patrick Brayer :

" when an artist thinks, he thinks about the strategic placement of the silence and how the dissonance of his thought makes a harmonic of the stillness.  Iggy Henderson has taken our philosophy into another generation ...

it has always been my belief that you don't make talent, you just get out of the way of it ...

listening to these recordings I think
the most important thing, besides the images themselves , is the since of ritual that comes from the concourse of a heart, that upon the
giver no one can bestow.  though this work is brand new I am already seeing it in the anthology of the inland empirical future ... "

-  Patrick Brayer

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Currently , Iggy Henderson works for the Orange County Outdoor Science School located in the San Bernardino Mountains of Southern California,

pulls off Photographic work on the weekends, and still volunteers for the Lincoln Memorial Shrine in Redlands.

Parting words & philosophy:

" I believe it is possible to support Arts  education by providing a community with opportunities for quality performances.

We should rely on ourselves to establish sound aesthetic experiences for our peers. "


For any further contact :

The Institute for Silent Activity

     P.O. Box 806      

      Running Springs , CA      

92382         USA

or e -mail :

the Waiting Man



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"You have to work hard for a long time without results.
And you'll feel like you're putting yourself into a hole,
but you just have to stay focused.
You have to have faith that if you're doing the work now,
you'll get there sometime."

Nicole Reinhart