Der Photographs


Patrick Brayer

Brayer Press Photo

Dave Dickey II Press Photo

Patrick and Eric Shiller

Chris Darrow Shot

The Man's Hands

Back in the day

Dave Dickey Album Cover

Patrick and Stuart Duncan

Redlands Fox Theater Benefit Poster


The Waiting Man

with Polka King Frank Yankovich

Abe Lincoln in cool duds

Class with Franklin Bruno

w/ anonymous cycle diva at the Redlands Classic

With some guitarist from the Wallflowers

Working on Volunteer time

last stigmata at pinedale

In Scotland w/ two Canadians

On stage in Edinburgh , Scotland

Susanne 's graduation party at the blue fence cafe

Lo -fi Studios session

Reworking 'Dust on the Bible ' to 'Dust on the Bourbon', Nov.2oo2

The Tangled Minds with George Shrub( the Singing CIA Agent )

The Tangled Minds on a Spor-tee Stage, Wheels of Justice Tour, Feb. 12th, 2004


The Beauty Recognizers

Jeff in the studio

Jeff in the corner

Jeff with Rumah Sakit

Just a Young Egg

Jon ' the Les Paul boy ' Hughes

Egg ' still Les Paul boy ' Hughes

Iggy w/ bass

Alan Sangma

Mark Florin

Wanda Howard



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