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Premature Reminiscence

He sits disruptive in the midst of chattering caffeine fiends. Thought to be atmospheric, but in fact heart bending.         Alan Sangma is killing you softly.

On Sangma's debut "PREMATURE REMINISCENCE" he interweaves his own life's truths with acoustic foresight and unrelenting melody. Sangma's voice taunts the ears, the sound falling somewhere between Eddie Vedder and Jim Morrison.
Rich and soothing at times, it can pitch and peak to grasp your attention. Unlike Vedder or Morrison, Sangma's words stem directly from daily life and are able to recite any number of levels from the mundane to the heart quaking. Armed with an acoustic guitar, his own voice and a stomping clattering foot, Sangma kicks out eight studio tracks and three live tracks recorded at the infamous Back To The Grind. A positive influence to blend into your collection.
"The heart is not an appendage of incidence." The honesty reminds me of Ani Difranco or Joni Mitchell.
Why is it all the damn "folk people" have the insight? Do yourself the favor of contacting Alan Sangma at

Review by:
Baxter at AVS Records



While listening to this new CD of Alan , I was struck mostly by the heavy influence of Patrick Brayer and the late Michael Hedges .

Few people can aspire to portray the honest side of their heart while managing to begin the long road of mastering such talent . Most of the work is just one guy , a guitar , and one hell of an angle . The highlights of the album were in my opinion regular guy , a song referring to the hope and fears of the average gentleman . All that clatters , a live recording from a cafe , really brings home the brayer sound which Alan has incorporated into his style . Devotional and driftwood are the other two hidden jewels contained within the album .

I find this difficult to espouse the raw talent which this CD contains . His talent has grown exponentially over the years I 've known him , and  I recommend buying the album and making up your own mind about his gift . I haven 't heard anyone else locally who has mastered their tone like this man . His has earned the title of being a Zen tone vizier .

Review by:
Ignatius of the Chi -chi foundation


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