Letter to Mean Street Magazine ( in response to first demo review )

   After reading the short paragraph describing Bad Hair Day  's demo , I had a funny taste in my mouth as the review likened the tape to a cucumber . I 've never enjoyed cucumbers . I do enjoy the tape for what it is , a very interesting and suprisingly refreshing change from the usual musical attitude around this area . The best thing about ' Bad Hair Day ' , especially live , is their obvious dedication and the honesty of their music . Since the tape was done , I 've seen them play live once ( on one of the last nights at the late , lamented Fleur de Lis was still open ) , and the set was mostly new songs that were not on the tape . Better songs . The group has grown so much in such a short time that if they keep it up at this rate they 're going to be unstoppable . So if anyone out there wants a change from the typical ' hair ' bands , check out Bad Hair Day .

   I don 't think Bad Hair Day is a cucumber at all , because a cucumber is never the main course . ' Bad Hair Day '  is a definite entree .


   San Bernardino , CA