Inland Empire Bands, Artists, & Connections

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Absolutely Kosher Records

Aim Records

All or Nothing HC

Animal Logic

Amy Bleu

The Bellrays

Blue Lady Quintet

Bonfire Madigan 


Ceili House Band

Claremont Folk Music Center

Chris Darrow

Concrete Blonde

DeathBombArc Records

Miss Derringer

Design Flaw

Dorian Grey

Dorian Taj

Conspiracy of Thought

Kim Fowley

Hobo Jazz

Deborah Holland

The Devil Makes Three

Disposable Pop

Emperor Penguin Records

Good vs. Evil

Indie Bible

Inland Emperor Records


Katie the Pest

Kiss Kill You

Janet Klein


David Lindley

Taylor Loftin

Adam Lopez & the bored of education

Joyce McCombs

Muleskinner Jones

Mule Train

Oso Rey

Present Tense



Dawn Shipley and the Sharp Shooters


Shrimper Records

George Shrub( the Singing CIA Agent )

Slave to Freedom

The Smokestacks

Southern Records


Steven T.

Olga Tapia

Trespassers William

Two Gallants

Wckr Spgt


Winston and the Telescreen


Polka Lives !

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The Accordion Pimps

Accordion Princess

Accordion World

Across the Border

Arhoolie Records

The Aqua Velvets

Eddie Blazonczyk's Versatones

Brave Combo

Closet Accordion Players of America

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Cleveland Style Hall of Fame

Cosmic Sausages

Flogging Molly

The Neal Hartzog Band

International Polka Association

Li'l Wally

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Lily of the Valley

Maximo Jimenez

Katzen Kapell

Pee Wee King

Patty Larkin

Las Vegas International Accordion Convention

Rosie Ledet

Iry LeJuene

MaCavity's Cat

Joey Miskulin

Miss Murgatroid

Belle Musette

Lynn Marie

Les Négresses Vertes

Pauline Oliveros

Sylvia Pagni

Father Frank Perkovich

Polish American Journal

Polka Family Band


Jo Privat

Queen Ida

Sharon Shannon and the Daisy Label

Judy Tenuta



Frank Yankovic

Wierd Al Yankovic



Disclaimer :

This page is dedicated to the hope that somebody gets somewhere. My job is to make you aware of what goes on here.

Some connections are old favs, others are people on the scene. Make up your own mind...

Polka is the new Punk Rock.















"You have to work hard for a long time without results.
And you'll feel like you're putting yourself into a hole,
but you just have to stay focused.
You have to have faith that if you're doing the work now,
you'll get there sometime."
Nicole Reinhart