Mean Street Article

Men without hats - Bad Hair Day  by Greg Stant ( July 1993 )

   Lights come up and the crush of the crowd against the stage is felt in the next zip code . The flash pods ignite to a punctuated bass blast . The singer , clad in studded leather narcissism hurls the opening scream ( how can his sphincter withstand that high note ? ) , as the heavily pancaked black eye -lined guitarist distorts vision in chainsaw dementia ... This is not Bad Hair Day . I don 't think Bad Hair Day would piss in these guy 's asses if their guts were on fire . So , if the preceding images appeal to you - stop reading , before somebody gets hurt , and go to page 13 . We have a nice metal article waiting to accost you .

   I called my mom , " Yeah mom , I actually went to Bad Hair Day central . No mom , I didn 't get arrested . "

   " Thank God , " she says . " Can 't you find a nice job ... " etc. I guess she heard about the baby dolls ( I swore I wasn 't gonna write about the mutilated baby dolls ) .

   " Who did the , uh , job on the on the baby dolls , " I ask .

   Eric Thompson , electric guitar player , slowly turns his head towards me . He looks like he 's having a " bad hair life . " Eric 's a big boy , and he could put a serious physical hurting on my ass , and for some reason I 'm afraid and checking the door position and possible electronic obstacles that would impede my progress out of this slam dance macabre .

   These dolls are sick . Whoever made these dolls is sicker .

   Eric says , " I did . "


   " Why are they important ? , " I manage to ask .   

   " Why are they important ? , " exclaims Iggy Puke . " Look , just look ! He 's happy . And remember , he 's happy without medication . "

   Eric smiles a smile that just about freezes the blood flow to my genitalia .


    Live Bad Hair Day has a unique sound . It 's an acoustic electric mix colored by manic depressive lyrics and the haunting voice of   Tom Curtis . He sounds like happy suicide .


   They made me happy , cause for the first time , in a long time , I watched a band actually - now get this - jam on stage . They reminded me of the bands I saw in clubs like  CBGB 's in the early 80 's .

   Seems we don 't jam too much anymore . Too busy making demos . Seems Bad Hair Day left their cool in their other pants pocket . I hope they don 't find them .