Factor X review

( footnote : The Factor X mag at the time , and still is I think , a heavy metal / glam rock magazine . The demo that appeared next to us , the same guy who reviewed the tape had only two words for it - SHIT SANDWICH  .   This was my first acoustic demo ever which I had helped to record and produce . I started playing with the band by this time and I just happen to love this review considering the competition . The prior letter appeared in the same issue .)

Bad Hair Day

   After two minutes of an overly long intro piece ,   thought it was going to be an instrumental album . Five minutes into it - I was wrong . Vocals . Or at least something resembling vocals . I 'm still not sure .

   When I thought this was an instrumental album , I was going to offer Bad Hair Day this advice : learn how to play guitar before you record a demo .

   Unless you were having a ' bad guitar day ' , I don 't know what else to think .

   As for the vocals , spoken words are best left for spoken word albums , which this is not . The lyrics are complete drivel .

   In fact , the last time lyrics ( and sounds ) like BHD 's were heard by these ears was when my roommate 's seven year -old daughter was reciting Shakespeare ( to the best of her ability ) over a recent Beverly Hills 90210 episode . I 'm not kidding .

- Al " J.B." Iafrate

April 1993 Factor X page 17