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The Jinkies - Mixed Messages 7"

Although the 7" I bought at Rhino Records for .25 cents came scratched , I still spin the damn thing . It was released in 1995 under Kingpin Records . These guys remind me of what it was like to be a little younger and have a solid sound with a wee bit of class . The ladies are a little raw in the way they come across and I wouldn 't change that for all the money in the I.E. The horns and sound are solid as well . Raw and tight ... Some of you'all out there could take a lesson from their tone . I don 't know what the hell to call these folks besides Ska / jazz . Buy their records , you shan't be disappointed . Keep up the good works ...

Patrick Brayer - The Catcher in the p

What can I say ? With his 33rd volume of alchemic works , this guy can still make albums that are perfect to have great sex to , drive your car , walk down the street , or share a meal with a good friend . What really highlights the album is Pat 's new wanderings into multi -tracked work which really establishes his playing ability ( again ) . So anybody who has ever seen this guy play live with one wooden board , two feet , a guitar , and a tempered voice , should read this CD like a rare book . ( fin )

Franklin Bruno - a bedroom community

What was it with the year of 1995 anyway ? This album was released by Simple Machines for Frank that year . It was a pinnacle in some respects for his songwriting outside of Nothing Painted Blue . I can find only a couple of odd tracks on the disc , but overall , it just kicks ass for an Avant folk album . Just Frank and his Fender Musicman , songs like ' Ghost Postage ' , ' The two of you ' , ' then again , maybe I won 't ' , and ' uninsulated wall ' , all really sum up life lived in Southern California . My personal fave was ' the layered look ' . A kinetical composition that truly transcends all  ' fuck - upidness ' . Hat 's off to the gent . It took balls to be this honest . Let 's hope his 7" collection makes it to CD someday .

Red Aunts " Who " / Constant Comment - Fire Crasher - 7"

This was produced by Scott Harding , recorded in L.A. 1997 , and released through Sympathy for the Record Industry  . The Red Aunts are now my favorite ' punk '  band . These ladies churn out some noisy ass shit . I say this because that tone they have makes my balls shake with my record player volume up on the 3rd setting . The flip side of the 7" is quite surreal . Made at the House of Rhythm 1997 , I don 't know how to place it , but I 'm sure rehabilitation clinics would buy em by the bushel . The trick of a conversation is knowing where to place it . They didn 't do to bad , but man , the Red Aunts can play some seriously noisy ass shit ...

Gila - Mehtek and Snapbug CD 's

Once again the San Bernardino tech wizard pulls off Ambient Science Fiction . In some ways you have to know Mark Florin to appreciate the work . I hate to say that this stuff would go over most folks heads , but more power to him . He should take up porno soundtrack jobs just to bring some class to the industry . The albums both connect with his surroundings , his state of being , and the subtle tech -art he so finely crafts .  I can 't listen to it two times in a row , but I like his angle a little better then his Second Culture projects , mainly because I can hear what he 's trying to do . Great album for Space -faring folks , S&M culture , and kinetical day trippers ...

The Screaming Putos - Mia Huevos Rancheros

I got two words for these guys - SHIT SANDWICH


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