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Cast as obliging plaything to Indifferent Fortune,Buzzsaw has spent the greater part of a decades span conducting long-term experiments regarding the resiliency of Indifference through the chosen media of cassette/ CD releases and the live performance. He has been assisted on the functional side of the vain by such labels as the venerable Shrimper,as well as Harsh Reality, Seagull, Unread,Taped Rugs, as well as the late and quite lamented Flannel Banjo records. His relationship with the Muses continues to be a nebulas affair, part veneration, part adversarial, but the daughters of Helicon continue to maintain an advantage; such can be easily witnessed at any of his live performances where Buzzsaw's very being is subject to their tender Hellenic mercies, as they frequently detect as whiff of Xerxes in his exertions sweet.