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Making art for me is almost like a dream in itself.  Overtime, I have fallen in love with the process. 

When I sleep, I cannot wait to awake to create and when I am awake I daydream about the moments when my busy schedule will allow me to do so.  As a child, growing up in Mexico City, I remember the endless desire I had to build and play. As a teenager I discovered art, which gave me a sense of passion. At seventeen, leaving my family to come to the United States to pursue Art College, leaving my family and a culture that believes that women should never leave home, defined my art. In graduate school becoming an educator, created a new desire to pass on my knowledge to children. In my adulthood, I have developed a craving for telling my life story and other types of stories to children and adults through color and vivid imagery.

At this moment, I do not consider art my profession, but an essential part of my survival in a world that is full of change. My future is unknown, yet I do hope to always have paper and paint handy in case of an emergency.




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“Self-Portraits are not innocent reflections of what artists see when they look in the mirror. 

They are part of a language artists use to make a point, from the mirror, from the simple ‘this is what I look like’ to the complicated ‘this is what I believe in.”  Bozello-


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Nobody nobody nobody

never nowhere ever

got anywhere

Perhaps I ?

such an idiot

in the end am not '

-Egon Bondy

    (trans. by Marek Tomin)