here are some pics from the Orpheum Theatre commision (historic renovation)

The light is terrible, but you get the idea... : )

Bye now, G


Chandelier close upThumb.JPG (1859 bytes)                 Gina and chandeliers yellow filterThumb.JPG (2659 bytes)                 Lily sconce lit 1Thumb.JPG (1804 bytes)                 Lily sconce unlit1Thumb.JPG (2236 bytes)               

 Orpheum frontThumb.JPG (2668 bytes)                 orpheum sideThumb.JPG (1802 bytes)                 Side lily sconce litThumb.JPG (2675 bytes)                 Stairway ceiling detailThumb.JPG (4432 bytes)                 Stairway sconceThumb.JPG (2050 bytes)


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