Local Music ( Aware Magazine )

The Bad Hair Day by Ty Turner ( August 1993 pg.12 )

   It was a beautiful blue sky day . I drove through a meticulously manicured Redlands neighborhood , looking for Bad Hair Day 's rehearsal space . It was easy to find - the only house on the block with the garage door open , revealing an old car , an old sofa lined with guitars , a Mesa Boogie half stack , and , way in the back , a drum kit . The members of Bad Hair Day were kicking it on the front porch , watching a bunch of little kids ride bicycles in the street .

   Garage door down  -  amps on . They were in the process of writing a couple of new songs during this session . The songs I heard were strangely melodic , almost eerie , with Tom 's haunting vocals floating over the chord progressions . Their music no doubt owes to a heavy Floydian influence .

   Although Bad Hair Day doesn 't like classifications , they do admit to an overall retro sound , looking to the 70 's for inspiration . " The 70 's sound will bust through in time , " said Iggy . Still , he maintains that none of their 40 or so songs sound alike . " We 're not monotonous , that 's for sure . "

   They soon had a chance to prove their versatility . Eric broke two strings and didn 't have any spares . No problem . The band just shifted into acoustic mode , opened the garage door , and played a few more tunes .

   We were soon back on the front porch , deeply absorbing the interview type vibe , when one of Redland 's finest arrived on the scene . Eric and Wanda scattered , running to shut the garage door to hide any " evidence " . The officer checked ID 's ( except Tom - he claimed he didn 't have any with him ) , and politely explained that this nice little neighborhood was not digging the heart wrenching  ballads , acoustic or otherwise , emitting from BHD 's garage . I guess it 's time to find a new rehearsal space .

   I haven 't seen BHD 's live show , but they tell me it has something to do with flowers , doll mutilation , vomiting , people in the audience crying , and twenty minute improvised jam sessions . Sounds like emotional upheaval - but I guess that 's an accurate description of their music .